The updated, but still not very exciting or well rounded, Chris' Wish List!

I do computer work for a living and along with with that comes the eventual, "hey, can you look at/fix my home computer?" (I have this one already but it only works sometimes)

Now, I don't mind doing it as long as it isn't going to be a major undertaking. If I really don't want to do it, or it's going to be difficult, I charge $30/hr, minimum 2 hours. But for friends, parents, The Boss etc, I'll just do it because they've done other things for me.

But then they want to get me something for my time anyway... Guys at work want to buy me a 6 pack, or Mariner's tickets.

Thanks, but no thanks, I'll pass, I'm good. Really.

But if you really want to get me something, here's my list. Some are big ticket items - hey, I'm a computer geek, cool hardware that impresses us is spendy, ok? - and I'm not expecting them. Some of it is just a reminder for me. Here it is anyway.

Amazon Wish list

Amazon Secondary Wish list ($$$)

last updated 11/8/10